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Sonoran Desert Feathers

Located in the heart of the Northern Sonoran Desert, Tucson, Az, we mount a wide variety of game birds and Big Game animals.

Coast to Coast / Mexico to Canada

Experienced taxidermist on Bobwhite quail from Georgia to Mountain and California Valley quail on the West Coast. Mearns, Scaled and Gambel quail on the Mexican border to Grouse and Pheasant from Montana and all parts in between.


 "I use Barry for my personal taxidermy needs and regularly refer clients to Sonoran Desert Feathers for their trophy birds, as well.  Excellent service and fantastic work."

  • Kelly Kirby, LunaRita Outfitters, LLC.                                                   


  "The taxidermy work at Sonoran Desert Feathers is unmatched by any other work I’ve seen.  Frozen in time, the attention to detail is incredible on these birds.  The realism Barry creates for a desk or wall mount becomes a cherished memory forever.  I send all my client’s birds to Barry and every one of them is such a unique treasure." Matt Russell,  Double Aero Guides          

Sonoran Desert Feathers Game Bird Farm

Located near Douglas, Arizona is our five flight pen Game Bird Farm where we raise Gambel, California Valley, Scaled / Blue and Bobwhite quail specifically for the taxidermy trade where healthy and mature birds are of utmost importance.

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Sonoran Desert Feathers

Tucson, Arizona



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